By Dr. P. Bradley Carey
(c) 2005
All Rights Reserved

Posted: 09 August 2005

Why is sin running so rampant and attacking Christianity and the truths taught in the Bible? Why are those who promote sin attacking the Bible? Because the churches have gotten lazy and stagnant and are more worried about appearance than anything else. The churches are suppose to be the moral background of society, but have obviously not been doing their job. They will argue that this is not the case and talk about how they are winning souls over to Christ and that this and this alone is their duty.

Bringing souls to Christ is only part of what we are to do. We are also to stand up against what is wrong and promote truth. We are to promote the teachings of the Bible. We are to denounce sin for what it is and expose it so others will not follow it. We are not to compromise on our beliefs. We are to boldly stand up for what is right over what is wrong. It's because the church and those in the Body of Christ have gotten lazy and too worried about what people will think of them is why things like homosexuality is running rampant and children are being taught it is something that is normal and natural. It is because of the churches inability to promote the teachings of the Bible that evolution is being taught as fact and any reference to creation, the Bible, or God is being removed and banned from all aspects of society. It is because the church is too worried about being politically correct that abortion is found everywhere.

Those who do not like the truth being promoted call those exposing the sin such names as haters, bigots, etc. Well fine they can do that. We are not here to please them. We are here to do God's will and not look right in the eyes of the world. Speaking up against sin and against those who are now forcing acceptance of it on the public is not wrong. It is our responsibility and duty as Christians to stand up against all things that are contrary to the teachings of God.

Let me ask you those who refuse to take a stand against sin and stand up for the Bible this when they start forcing the mark of the beast on people and the law says that you must take it, what will you do? Will you take it because the law says you should or will you refuse? The Bible tells us that we are not to take it (See Revelation 14:9-11 and 19:20). But because the law says you must take it, will you take it anyway? I'll tell you this, I for one will not. When they ban the Bible and order all copies of it to be turned in for destruction, I will not. When the sinners change the laws and forbid the preaching of the Gospel, the teachings of the Bible and proclaiming the love of God, I will keep right on doing what I am now.

I will stand up and fight against these and any and all other things that are contrary to the Word of God any way I can and expose the lies, the sins, and the perversion of God's creations in any way I can.

So where do you stand? Are you going to sit back and do nothing and look proper in the eyes of the world? Are you going to allow sin to continue to grow and pervert and destroy God's creations and teachings? Or, are you going to stand up for God, promote His truths and name sin for what it is, retaliation against GOD. There is no middle ground. You are either on the side of the sinners and the world or on the side of God. By not standing up for God you are siding yourself against Him. The time to decide is NOW.