By Bishop Dr. Bradley Carey
(c) 2013
All Rights Reserved

Posted: 28 March 2013

"In this day and age where changes happen twice as fast. Sometimes I get wonderin' if anything will last." This is a line from a song back in the 1970's by the musical group bread. We here so may people calling for change. We see people saying that we need change, and that change is good. But, is change necessarily good? Let's look at some of the changes that have been going on over the last few years.

We have seen an increase in wars with many civilian deaths as well as many military. Those in charge say its just part of wars, they are simply causalities of war. Obviously not a good thing. We have seen an ever-increasing number of victims of the form of serial killing and mass murder known as abortion. Not a good thing! Real and true marriage is under attack by those who would make a mockery of it, and hardly anyone takes a stand against it. We see people in many countries around the world starving to death. While in others they are people gorging themselves on all they have and are so selfish that they cannot even spare a morsel.

We have seen government leaders calling for change, but has this change they are putting into place been of any help or good? We see political parties calling for change, but there is no change. They are all just as corrupt and self-centered and controlling as ever, if not, then more so.

We see Church leaders seeking change. They are compromising on God's Teachings, Instruction, and Word as given to us in the Bible and allowing non-biblical and outright evil teachings to come in.

So how is that change? Change is NOT always a good thing! We see evil being called good. Good, decency, and morality is being called old fashioned, outdated, and evil. How can this be? It is because many have rejected God and His Holy teachings. This is the fault of many churches and members of the clergy. They have not stood up against evil and said no to its teachings. They have turned away and looked the other way. They have compromised on true Christianity as taught in the Bible. They have allowed compromise and have shaken hands with the world. None of these are what God is about. If anything, those who have gone this way have made themselves enemies of God!

So where do you stand? Are you willing to stand up and say no to evil, compromise, and the ways of the world? Or are you willing to bow down to the world as do as they want you to do? The world does not want you to know the truth. They do not want you to know who they really server and who they reject. The world offers you immediate, but temporary, pleasure. They will tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear. They do not tell you that what you decide and do has eternal consequences. The way of God leads to eternal life and happiness. The ways of the world lead to everlasting damnation and punishment.

The only real change for the good is a change for God. It is rejecting the world and its corrupt and evil ways. It is a turning from the dark to the light. All other change holds nothing but lies and empty promises.

This Resurrection Day and the days that follow, step out into the world boldly. Remember whom you represent. Make your stand against evil and the ways of the world known. Voice your opinion. Speak up against wrongdoing. You may be a single individual, but you can make a change. Let God work through you. Let God guide you in all you do. Let God fill your mouth with His words. Let God work His wonders through you.

Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead three days later. He is the ONE and ONLY way, truth and life. We must stand up against the change we see going on in the world and show them just how wrong the change they want is. We must counteract their change and create a new change, a change back to God and His eternal truths! Now, go do your part and present to the world what they need to hear and not what they want to hear. Show them the true power of God and His Son Jesus Christ!