The Defense Of The Church, Part 1

By Bishop Dr. Bradley Carey
(c) 2015
All Rights Reserved

Posted: 23 June 2015

This will be part one of a multi-part series of articles.

The Church is under attack. Most either do not realize it or turn a blind eye to it. The fact still remains that the Church is under attack. Yes spiritually, but it has always come under spiritual attack. It is also under attack morally, financially, and even physically.

The physical attacks against the Church have been steadily increasing. The news media, law enforcement, and the government will of course deny this fact. They will tell you that Christianity had nothing to do with it, even though it is happening at Christian churches! They come up with one excuse or another, most of which do not even apply. The most recent attack against the Church took place recently in Charleston, South Carolina, where a crazed gunman drove across the state and carefully selected a church, went in and opened fire, killing nine people. Of course the news media came up with one excuse after another and really started to push the racial issue. Yes race may have been a part of it, but the shooter did select a Christian Church, as many others have before him. He could have selected any one of numerous other places to do his evil, but he picked a Christian Church! Of course they just do not mention that this was also an attack against Christianity. They just continually focus on race and what they call the actions of a fanatical racist!

Why do these people select churches? Well beyond the foremost obvious reason that they are Christian, they are also the easiest to attack. Over the years the government has ties the Church’s hands in how they may protect or defend themselves and now many of the Churches are left completely defenseless. It seems that after any such incident the government is back on its bandwagon going on and on about further limiting the Church’s and everyone else’s ability to defend themselves. No, this isn’t about gun control (I am personally 100% against any form of so-called gun control). It is about taking a stand to defend ourselves and those around us.

As Christians we are to abhor violence, but we must also stand up against evil and be willing to defend ourselves and others as well. Too many Christian feel as if it is wrong to stand up to defend themselves or someone else. To these people I ask the following question:

“If you have a daughter and someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night and attempts to rape her, would you not do your best to stop the person from doing this attack?”

If you answer “yes” then good for you, you are standing up to protect someone. If you answered “no” then what kind of person and parent are you to allow such an act to continue? It is the same way with attacks against the Church and against Christians and Christianity. You call yourself a Christian, yet you will not stand up to defend your Christianity, the Bible, or the Church. There are some who even think that taking a stand against evil and standing up for what is right is a sin? How in the world can someone think that? As Christians, we are called to stand up against evil and speak out concerning it:

Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?
Psalm 94:16

One of our ministers, who is a dear brother in Christ, and was born, raised, and resides in Kenya, sent me an email in response to my taking a public stand for defending the Church, Christians, and Christianity. Here is part of what he wrote:

“Thank you Bishop it is a topic avoided by many. Over 2000 Kenyan Christians have been killed by Alshaabab terrorist from Samaria within a period of one year. Yes, we must trust in God but we must also do our part as well. We have to protect ourselves and our People.”

This very same thing is going on in many countries around the world, yet is being downplayed by the news media and the government as just individual and random acts of violence, when in fact it is ever-increasing and spreading.

Don’t think this can happen. We saw this same scenario played out less than one hundred years ago when a very evil man attempted to wipe out all of the Jews from the face of the planet. People were told what was going on, some even knew, and they turned a blind and eye looked the other way. Because of their not standing up, millions of people, including entire families, were murdered! We see the very same things beginning to be set up today, just as Hitler did back then. It is only a matter of time until they declare outright war against Christianity and all Christians and come for you, unless you do your God-given duty and calling, and stand up NOW against it!