By Bishop Dr. Bradley Carey
(c) 2017
All Rights Reserved

Posted: 22 December 2017

Christmas time is here once again. Already we have seen very little on the television, on the radio, or in the news media as to the really reason for this season. They are all too busy getting their money for advertising store sales and many other unrelated things to the real reason for Christmas. It seems as if they all go way out of the way to avoid mentioning anything that resembles the real meaning of Christmas and the birth of God’s Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

In many stores, as other establishments, they no longer tell you “Merry Christmas”, they will say “Happy Holidays” which actually belittles the real meaning of what Christmas is all about. They tell you how many people are offended by hearing “Merry Christmas.” Well, I am Not politically correct, so I will say it now, as I do everywhere else, MERRY CHRISTMAS. We are not to be politically correct. We are to be God and Biblically correct. Both of which are far greater than and superior to, being politically correct. If someone finds offense in the words “Merry Christmas” then they have a serious problem, a serious spiritual one. These individual are caught in the darkness and bondage that the world has to give and need to see the light of the truth and be set free of the ways of the world (John 8:32).

As real Christians, born-again in the Blood of the one and only Jesus Christ, we MUST be above the ways of the world and be bearers of the Light of Truth that comes only from a relationship with Jesus Christ. Christ laid down His Life for us (Romans 5:8), and we must be willing to do the same for Him. We must be ready to show the world that what we have in Jesus Christ than anything the world has to offer us.

The world is all caught up in giving gifts this time of year, to them, the more expensive the better. Okay let’s do that. Let’s share with the entire world that most valuable gift of all that has a price beyond measure. We must share the Gift of Christ, the gift that continually gives and shares, and never runs out.

The world and those of and in it, have declared war on Christmas, Christmas, the Bible, and on Christ. The world is continually trying to create and pass illegal laws and rules against us and what we believe and all that we stand for. They use violence, slander, hatred, and even murder in their attempt to win this war they have engaged us in to. But let’s not stoop to their ways. We will use a form of unconventional warfare, the way Christ Himself would want us. Instead of hating them back and calling them names, instead of returning violence for violence, we will pray for them, we will do good for them if we can, and show them what Christ and His followers really stand for and what we really represent. They will not understand our ways or our response to them, but that just gives us the opportunity to share with them what Christ and His teachings are really all about.

Let us all share the Love of Christ with the world, even as they hate us and what we bring to them. Let us go out there and continually proclaim the REAL reason for and behind Christmas.

To be God correct and not politically correct, I will say it once again,