By Bishop Dr. Bradley Carey
(c) 2013
All Rights Reserved

Posted: 23 December 2013

It seems each year Christmas decorations go up earlier and earlier. This year, even before the end of October we were seeing Christmas lights and decorations going up everywhere. Why? Because of their gratefulness to God and to His Son Jesus Christ for His sacrifice upon the cross for us? Nope, guess again. All of the stores did this because they feel they did not make enough money during the last Christmas. To them, and a majority of the world, Christmas is just about making money and material possessions. Their decorations include lights, snowmen, Santa Clauses, elves, and so on. No where do we see a nativity scene or any mention of Christ. They have removed the true meaning of this season and replaced it their ideologies. They have replaced God with the dollar. Christmas is not the only time of year we see the world removing God and any mention of Him. This is an orchestrated effort to rid the world of the knowledge of Godís grace and His offer of salvation through Christ alone.

This evil and ungodly attitude and practice has also been infecting many Churches. They have compromised on the Gospel and are offering a watered down version of salvation. Their justification is this is necessary to reach more people. This is a load of rubbish! The Bible is very clear, WE ARE NEVER TO COMPROMISE ON BIBLICAL TEACHING. These very same churches are more interested in fancy decorations around and on their buildings. Having the largest and more decorated Christmas trees than anyone else. They bring non-Christian and non-Biblical practices into the Church and water down the importance of Real Christmas and Real Biblical teaching. Numbers are all that matter to them because the more people you bring in, the more money comes in. The Church and the Kingdom of God is NOT about money. It is NOT about a weakened version of the Gospel. It is NOT about pleasing the world. If IS about fellowship with other Christians. It IS about serving God and His Son Jesus Christ. It IS about Real Biblical teaching and applying it to our daily lives and reaching out to those that are lost. It IS about focusing on gifts, but not all gifts.

As I said above, Christmas is all about gifts, but no all gifts. What gifts is it about that are more important than others? The gift that God gave us in His Son Jesus Christ. The gifts of Repentance and Salvation through Jesus Christ. The world and its ways would have these truths silenced. But, in Matthew 28:19 God has commanded us to teach His truth to all the world. No matter what opposition the world may be before us, we must not falter or compromise. Spreading the Word of God is essential above all else. The world is blinded by false idols and greed. We must open their eyes and show them the truth. We must show them that Christ and Christ alone is the one and only way to salvation. All other ways lead to eternal damnation. The world has chosen to believe lies and falsehoods and reject the Bible because its truths reveal to them the sins of which they are guilty. They feel if they remove the mention of God and His Holy Word, then they can do as they want. So is such the false teachings they follow. They fail to understand that the Bible always has been and always will be Godís Divine Truth, and can never be removed no matter how hard they try.

Donít give in to the false teachings and lies of the world, which will only lead you to eternal damnation. Instead, be an example to this unbelieving world. Stand up for God and for His Holy word. Tell everyone what the REAL meaning of the Christmas is all about. Be a beacon of light in the darkness of the world. May God bless each and every one of you this Christmas Season and throughout the year.