By Dr. Bradley Carey
(c) 2010
All Rights Reserved

Posted: 23 December 2010

It's Christmastime once again. Another year has come and gone. They seem to be going by so quickly now. Each year, each and every day brings us closer and closer to when the Lord will return. But I have also noticed with each passing year, is the world gets crazier and crazier. Its morals have all but disappeared. It has commercialized Christmas so much, that many have forgotten the true meaning behind Christmas and what this season means. They are caught up in the fancy decorations and pretty lights. They want to have the biggest and fanciest party with lots and lots of guests, and receive the most gifts from everyone. They have all but forgotten that over 2000 years ago, at the time of the very first Christmas, that there were no fancy decorations. There was no large party. There was a baby born in a manager, among the animals that were sheltered there and only a very few were in attendance. Those that were there did realize the significance of the events they were witnessing. They were not worried about not being invited to a fancy party or receiving lots of gifts. Being there at that one moment in time and witnessing the birth of the only incarnate Son of God, was a great honor to all of them. They have seen firsthand the one and only best gift that mankind could receive, a Saviour in the form of Jesus Christ.

The world, it seems, has turned its back on the truth. Each year we see the attack against saying, "Merry Christmas" to someone growing stronger, under the guise that some will find it offensive. In the stores, the clerks will tell you, "Happy Holidays." I always look at them and say, "Don't you mean Merry Christmas?" Many of them will reply that yes they do but they are not allowed to say it because their boss doesn't want them offending anyone. The world wants to remove any reference to Christ from this special season. It wants to silence the Bible and those who follow and proclaim its teachings. It has rejected God and all He stands for.

The world is in such great need to know the true meaning of this time of year. They need to come to understand what the birth, life, and death of Christ were for. They must turn their back on the secularism that has taken over and is running rampant, and come to know the true meaning of this season and what it really means to each and every one of us. Despite the attitude the world has towards Christ and Christian teachings, we much stand firm and be faithful in the knowledge that Christ is our Lord and Saviour and that He will watch over us in all things.

Let us remember the very first Christmas, and that it was not about parties or getting the most gifts. It was about the greatest gift, that outshines anything that the earth has to give. Jesus Christ and salvation through Him and Him alone is our one and only greatest gift. We have this gift in our lives, and now we need to share it with the world.

During this Christmas season and the upcoming New Year, may all of us stand firm and continue our witness of Christ to the world and remind them of the fact that Christ is the one and only way to salvation, and without Him we have nothing.

May the Lord watch over and guide you and protect you as you go forward for Him.